Strong benefits attract and keep good employees

Benefits are an important component in attracting and keeping good employees. But companies like yours face the constant challenges of rising costs and administrative complexities.

The Hilb Group can be your solution. Share your goals with us, and together we’ll devise a realistic, affordable strategy to meet them. Here is just a glimpse into the comprehensive services you can count on from us.

We'll take the complexity out of dental insurance

Dental benefits are consistently cited as one of the most sought-after employee benefits. So your dental plan not only helps ensure loyalty, it can also save you money by reducing absences or poor work performance when employees have dental problems.You’ll face a variety of decisions with a dental plan, and that’s where we can really help make life easier. We work with all the top carriers, and will help you to weigh the costs and benefits of features like …

  • Giving employees free choice of their dentist.
  • Deciding whether to cover diagnostic, preventive and emergency services.
  • Choosing what types of routine dental care to cover.
  • Evaluating whether to cover crowns, bridges, braces and other procedures.
  • Covering emergency care, and care away from home.

All of these and more can affect the cost of your plan, but dental plans can typically be divided into two broad categories:

  • Fee-for-Service Plans. These are typically freedom-of-choice arrangements, with the dentist being paid according to the fees established by the dentist or the carrier.
  • Managed Care Plans. These are essentially HMO’s, which contain costs by restricting the type, level and frequency of treatment and controlling the level of reimbursement for services.

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Give employees a raise with a flexible spending account

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) give your employees the opportunity to pay for eligible health, dental, vision, dependent care, and commuting expenses with pre-tax income. Your company administers this valuable benefit at absolutely no cost to employees.

With a Hilb Group FSA, we’ll give each employee The SmartFlex Card ™ card, a MasterCard©-based debit card they can swipe to pay for services. We’ll pay the vendor directly each month from your FSA account. You’ll never need to pay cash for services, fill out claim forms or wait for reimbursement.

These Flex Dollars can help your employees pay for a wide range of services … from health, dental and vision services such as prescriptions, eyeglasses, and chiropractic care – to dependent care – and even commuting costs such as parking and mass transit.

You and your company benefit with better recruiting and retention, savings of FICA tax dollars, a benefit for employees at no net cost, and simple administration.

Your employees benefit with a simple, direct way to pay with no claims forms, plus improved take-home pay, and no need to wait for reimbursement checks.

And remember, there’s essentially no cost, because our monthly administrative fee is less than the tax savings you’ll realize.

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Protect employees from the financial strain of disability

Disabling illness and accidental injuries can severely disrupt the lives of your employees. The Hilb Group works with the top providers in the marketplace to give your company and its people the right combination of Short- and Long-Term Disability coverage.

Some two-thirds of disabilities are non-work-related so they’re not covered by workers’ compensation, and the typical employee’s savings last less than five weeks. So managing treatment early can mean better outcomes and faster return-to-work.

Long-Term Disability pays benefits equal to a portion of the employee’s wages when they can’t work. You can select benefit amounts, determine how long benefits will be paid, and select other plan features.

Features can include rehabilitation, work/life assistance with personal problems, adaptive equipment when someone returns to work, partial benefits for part-time return to work … and much more.

Short-Term Disability also allows you to select benefit amounts, how long benefits will be paid, and other plan features. To encourage employees to return to work, many STD plans include rehabilitation services and professional counseling, and pay partial benefits if employees return to work part-time.

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Flexible coverage options in group medical care

Your company can increase benefits in this important area while reducing total operating costs. As a local company, our licensed professionals will visit with you to discuss your needs and your budget, and help you to customize a plan.

Since we work with nearly every carrier in the region, we can offer comprehensive packages that improve employee satisfaction and reduce your administration and cost. We’ll help you attract and retain key employees, and reduce the need to switch carriers every year.

Here are just some of the services you can count on …

  • Handling administrative details, including adding and removing employees.
  • Acting as the one source of contact … you and your employees will never need to call the carrier.
  • Managing compliance, reducing need for counsel, and limiting your liabilities.
  • Resolving claims, so you and your employees won’t have to make aggravating calls to the carrier.
  • Analyzing your plan when it’s time to renew, to help you control costs.
  • Administering COBRA and state continuation requirements when employees leave.
  • Building a custom employee benefits web portal with 24/7 access.

And all of these services are offered without consulting, management or administrative fees. All you pay is the plan premium.

Let us compare plans from the top providers to get you the best coverage for the lowest cost. Just email or call us for a quote.

Group Life Insurance is a comforting benefit for employees

Your employees will appreciate that you have their families secure financial future in mind. Group life insurance is a relatively inexpensive company benefit, and since we work with all the major providers, you’ll know you’re getting a plan that fits your needs.

Working with The Hilb Group, you can take advantage of a variety of related programs …

  • Basic Term Life, with a scheduled benefit amount or a defined multiple of an employee’s pay in the event of the death.
  • Will Preparation, so insureds can protect their assets with fully-covered legal fees.
  • Optional Term Life, which allows additional amounts of group life that’s portable, depending on state regulations.
  • Dependent Term Life, for employees’ spouses and dependent children at group rates.
  • Portability Provisions give your people continued coverage when employment ends.
  • Accelerated Benefits Option (ABO) can help ease the financial burden that terminally-ill insureds face.
  • Waiver of Premium, allows covered employees to receive death benefit coverage after life insurance coverage ends.
  • Total Control Account® (TCA) gives beneficiaries immediate check-writing privileges for their insurance proceeds.

Group life insurance policies always contain exclusions, limitations, and reductions of benefits and terms, and we’ll be happy to discuss these details with you.

Let us compare plans from all the top providers. Just call or email us and we’ll get started.

Plan a comfortable retirement – for you and your employees

While you’re working long and hard to grow your business, your money should be working just as hard to provide you with a secure retirement. And you can also create a retirement plan that serves the needs of your loyal employees, too.

Employer-sponsored retirement plans can be funded by the employer, by contributions from both employers and employees, or entirely by employee contributions. They generally fall into two categories: Qualified and Non-Qualified.

The best retirement plan for your business depends on how your company is organized – whether it’s a proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. In addition, you’ll need to think about how you’d like to fund the plan, and whether you want to take on some of the bookkeeping tasks yourself in order to reduce costs and increase your choices.

We’ll help you sort out all those considerations, and set up your company with a 401(k), a Qualified Plan, or a Non-Qualified Executive Benefit Plan or a Non-Qualified Plan that works exactly the way you want it to for you … and for your employees.

The benefits and tax considerations require the help of our experts. Call us, and we’ll be happy to discuss the options open to you.