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Personal Lines

two people reviewing a list of personal insurance policies that they didn't know they needed.

Five Types of Personal Insurance You Didn’t Know You Needed

When purchasing insurance for ourselves, we know the importance of having home, auto, and life insurance to cover the unexpected. But did you know those benefits may not protect your valuables or customized home? Or that you need additional insurance for your recreational toys like RVs and boats? How about

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lightning striking near a marina

Lightning Strike Season

By Randy Carnahan, Executive Vice President, Marine Practice Group Summer is the active season for thunderstorms and lightning. In the Chesapeake Bay, you can almost set your watch by the arrival of thunderstorms during late August afternoons. Florida is another “hot spot” for lightning. This causes yacht insurance to be

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2 people in an office discussing the 5 times that the should contact their insurance agent

Five Times You Need to Call Your Insurance Agent

Author: Elizabeth Orman We don’t often think about insurance unless we are in an unfortunate situation. Still, it pays to keep your insurance agent updated on the events in your life so both they and you are ready for any challenges, both expected and unexpected. So do you need to

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