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Give Employees a Raise With a Flexible Spending Account

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) give employees the opportunity to pay for eligible health, dental, vision, dependent care, and commuting expenses with pre-tax income. Your company administers this valuable benefit at absolutely no cost to employees.

A Hilb Group FSA provides each employee with The SmartFlex Card™ card – essentially a MasterCard© debit card they can swipe to pay for services. We’ll pay the vendor directly each month from your FSA account.

You’ll never need to pay cash for services, fill out claim forms or wait for reimbursement. You will also save more on Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes than Hilb Group’s monthly administrative fee for this popular service.

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What our clients think of us…

I try to remember to thank you and your associates when they do something specific for us – but the truth is that they ALL always seem to go above and beyond, willing to help, always happy to accommodate and always seem to have the answers I need.

Heidi Wood, CFO, Chutes International

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