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Closing Risk Gaps for Dwellings of All Sizes

Apartment and Condo Owners Associations have unique insurance needs. With so many entities to consider — unit owners, property managers, boards, management companies, maintenance employees, and, of course, the structures themselves — the potential for liability is huge. Whether a hundred-unit high-rise or a small duplex with just two units, a master policy will insure the building and all the common elements under a single package policy.

A licensed Hilb Group expert has all the knowledge necessary to close the risks gaps through a comprehensive property and liability insurance policy designed specifically to meet the distinctive needs of apartment and condominium communities, including wind risk in Florida through a unique policy underwritten at Lloyd’s of London.

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The staff at Hilb Group has been very professional and efficient in assisting me with my Medical Malpractice coverage. They regularly evaluate my coverage needs and keep me up-to-date and informed of changes in the industry. I have been very pleased with the services provided by Hilb Group and look forward to working with their staff for many years.


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