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Maybe you have been thinking about a potential partner to help you grow. Based on your agency’s size, background, and areas of expertise, we’d like to invite you to consider the Hilb Group as the perfect fit for your agency.

We are not a bureaucratic organization – we are an open, welcoming culture that is growing, and fast. We want new leaders to come in and offer their ideas, energy, and passion for building on our success. Rather than serving as the leader of a regional agency or a small member of an international conglomerate, you are now playing a pivotal role in a growing national company that values your insights, inputs, and ideas to reach even greater heights, together.

At Hilb Group, our primary objective is to support and enhance the growth of our agency partners and associates. By leveraging the capabilities of acquired businesses across our company and taking advantage of economies of scale, we can create greater value for our agency partners and more opportunities for our associates.

Our collaboration and entrepreneurial culture fosters cross-selling and creativity, which leads to more robust growth across the enterprise.

What We Offer – Resources, and the Ability to Focus on What You Do Best

When you join the Hilb Group, you have opened the path to new resources – expert colleagues, broader functions, and best-in-class technology – to let you and your team focus on greater client offerings. You have the ability to continue to build your customer relationships, collaborate with new teammates, and see greater growth than ever before.

Full-Service Platform

We offer a full suite of Property & Casualty, Employee Benefits, and other program capabilities, providing a diversified foundation to support your agency’s growth.

Expertise Across Industries

Access to experts in a broad range of high-demand industry specialties, including proprietary programs which provide unique marketing advantages.

Value Creation

You will benefit from the ability to leverage part of the value of your agency into an early-stage equity opportunity with significant potential upside.

Robust Sales and Service Culture

We are committed to the growth of your business for the benefit of our agencies, our associates, our clients, and our company.

Expanded Leadership Opportunities

You will gain the ability to impact our future success and collaborate with other like-minded leaders. We are still a relatively small company with a lean management team.


An emphasis on collaboration and leveraging expertise creates additional offerings and services for your clients, and increased revenue for your business.

Access to Greater Resources

Joining Hilb Group will allow your agency to grow further and prosper through access to best practices, centralized support functions, additional expertise and capabilities, and the capital for local acquisitions.

Strong and Supportive Capital Partner

Hilb Group has a proven track record of success backed by a global investment firm, The Carlyle Group, who is equally committed to continued growth and value creation.


HR, IT, accounting, marketing, legal, compliance, support — and more — allow you to focus on sales and clients.

We remove the administrative headaches – and leave you the autonomy to run your business.

Endless Possibilities

Each new partner brings increased opportunities and enhanced expertise, local community and market presence, and well-developed client relationships, which are the key to fostering growth and providing innovative resources and solutions for all of our associates and customers.

We are building something special.

– Ricky Spiro, CEO, Hilb Group

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Learn how Hilb Group operations leader Elisa Cardone saw her family’s agency double in size from joining our company, while creating even more career opportunities for employees at all levels.

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