insurance agents discussing how to attract the right candidates to work for their agency

Author: Melissa Gillespie, HR Knowledge

Over the course of 2021, 40 million people left their jobs. While titled “The Great Resignation” most weren’t leaving the job force but finding work with better pay, development opportunities, and overall flexibility. Unemployment is low and competition for talent is fierce, so how do you attract and maintain talent? Our experts at HR Knowledge share five ways you can attract new hires.

Remote/Hybrid Work Schedule

Since March 2020, many employees have been working solely remotely. Whether or not this was their work model before the pandemic, employees have had to adjust. Many are finding remote work provides them with a better work/life balance. In addition, it cuts back on or eliminates their commuting costs. Over the past 18 months, recruiters and employers have seen a significant increase in candidates seeking only remote opportunities.

Training & Development Programs

Many job seekers focus on finding companies that care about developing and growing their skills and experience. In times of uncertainty, employees want to see longevity with a company and know they will be valued. Providing training and development programs demonstrates the investment you want to make in your new employee. Other benefits employers tend to see are increased productivity, better engagement, and reduced turnover. As your employee’s abilities and experience grow, your company grows as well and is better able to create a path for the next new employee.

Health Benefits & Perks

This is still a stressful time for many, and quality health benefits and services have never been more vital to attracting new candidates and helping retain current staff. If you can’t afford to increase or change your benefits package, consider offering on-site perks. Think about ways to relieve stress or promote work/life balance, like bringing in a yoga instructor or masseuse. Having an on-site gym or offering membership to one is definitely a plus. Again, it’s simply showing you care and value your employee’s well-being.

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition can be as simple as acknowledging someone’s great work during a team meeting or presenting them with a small gift. There are so many ways to show staff how valued they are. A few examples include:

  • Special Events – plan a fun activity for staff that gets them away from the desk. This can be in person or even remote; there are many vendors with options for virtual gatherings these days.
  • Reduce Work Schedule – close the office at 3 p.m. on Fridays and let your employees start their weekends early.
  • Years of Service Program – this can be an excellent way to recognize those employees that have been with you for a while. It could be a gift card or a trip, something that acknowledges their longevity and the commitment they have shown to the company.

Employee recognition is not just about making people feel good. It also has a significant impact on key business metrics, including engagement, retention, and productivity.

Sign-On Bonus

With such a competitive job market right now, a sign-on bonus can be attractive to potential candidates, especially those currently unemployed. It also offers the employer a one-time cost solution rather than a longtime commitment. However, providing a sign-on bonus depends on the type of role you are trying to fill. Again, most job seekers are looking for long-term benefits and a company that wants to show its sincerity by investing in them.

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