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Interested in possibly reducing your health benefits by up to a third?

Our time-tested process has been reducing health care cost by 35%* on average for many of our dealership clients, while also easing their employee benefits administration.

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Our Solution To Your Problem

*DISCLAIMER: The statements in the video are not a guarantee of savings, cost, or services, but reflect past client and broker experiences. All clients and coverages are unique. Your results can and will vary.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Benefits Advisors

Why Partner with Us


Our organization was born out of the Virginia Auto Dealers Association. We were built by dealers for dealers to help them pay for and manage employee benefits more efficiently.


Your association has vetted our team, people, and results to ensure that you have the absolute best. And we are excited to be the exclusive endorsed partner of your association.

We Helped More Than 1,500 Dealerships in Over 30 Years

Notable Results We’ve Accomplished

Check out a few amazing results our proven process has generated for some of our dealership clients.

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Reduction in prescription drug spend for a dealer’s employees by 42%, simply by evaluating their pharmacy contract

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That is a $2.1 million reduction in health benefits costs from 2022 to 2023 for a dealership

How We Help Lower Benefits Costs

Our unique and proven service model combines four factors that are critical in controlling costs and improving your HR administration:


We consider more than 55 financial levers you could be pulling to help reduce your health care costs by about 5-35%*.

This includes us evaluating:

  • Care navigation
  • Carved out pharmacy to reduce drug costs
  • Improving paying your pharmacy claims, and
  • Whether you are fully insured or self-funded

Our unique process identifies your goals, and internal resources. Then we build a customized plan for you to improve employee benefits while simultaneously reducing the cost.


Do your employees understand the benefits they have, where to turn when they have questions, and are they good consumers of your dollars?

With our vast resources and capabilities, we can help with open enrollment, employee communications, and answering questions seamlessly, so you don’t have to.

open enrollment presentation
benefits compliance


We have a complete compliance toolbox with an in-house team, who will take that workload off your staff to help you stay compliant both at the federal and state levels.


Over 200 dealer groups have already experienced the benefits of our HR Consulting services.

We analyze your systems and processes, and help you implement new technology and improved policies to help your back office run seamlessly.

HR operation

Learn how you too can potentially reduce your health insurance costs.

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*COVERAGE DISCLAIMER: These statements do not amend, modify, or supplement any current or future insurance policy. They are not a guarantee of savings or services but reflect past client and broker experiences in the states where we are licensed. All clients and coverages are unique. Your results can and will vary. Your eligibility for products and services is subject to the final determination of underwriting qualifications and acceptance by the insurance underwriting company providing such products or services. If there is a discrepancy between information contained herein and your policy, your policy takes precedence. Consult the actual policy or your licensed agent for details regarding terms, conditions, coverage, exclusions, products, services, and programs which may be available to you.

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