Richmond, VA — July 27, 2022 — The Hilb Group is proud to announce that for the second consecutive year it has partnered with the College of William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business to empower and encourage the development of future Hilb Group leaders through the Brad Post Leadership Institute.

Named to honor the memory and legacy of one of its former leaders, Hilb Group established the Brad Post Leadership Institute from a dedication to supporting, developing, and investing in its associates. The immersive, customized leadership program was designed both by Hilb Group senior management and faculty from the College of William & Mary to develop the foundation for future success by empowering leaders to build highly productive teams, be champions of change, and create a culture of high performance.

“Throughout this in-depth program, we focus on developing leaders and providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to prepare for challenges and opportunities they will face present-day and throughout their careers,” said Rob Patton, Hilb Group Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

“There are a number of elements that make Hilb Group and the Brad Post Leadership Institute unique, and it begins with people. It is so clear that the senior management team at Hilb Group cares about the people within the organization,” stated Ken White, Associate Dean of MBA and Executive Programs at the College of William & Mary. “They think very carefully about the people and about this program, and they are willing to make an investment in the future of their leaders.”

“At Hilb Group, we know that our associates are our strongest assets,” Hilb Group CEO Ricky Spiro said. “By offering such an outstanding learning experience, in conjunction with the resources that the College of William & Mary provide, we are able to present our associates with a particularly unique opportunity, while building relationships and a knowledge base that will last. This program reflects our belief in investing in our associates, and represents another offering and advantage to joining the Hilb Group.”

The curriculum of the Brad Post Leadership Institute consists of nine targeted, in-person training sessions held over the course of a one-year timeframe. Topics range from operational effectiveness to business strategy, relationship management, and communication and presence. High potential associates throughout the company are eligible and must be nominated by their manager. Hilb Group created this informational video to share the value of the Brad Post Leadership Institute and demonstrate one of the many exclusive opportunities Hilb Group provides its associates.